Venice Technology Users Group

Sarasota Technology Users Group.  Another great source of PC and Apple resources. 

Our Facebook Page.  Check here for updates and great tips.

Sarasota Library  this is the link to their website.  To read free eMagazines, click on the Web Resources link, then scroll down to Flipster.  

3M eBook Reader  This is the recommeded app for Sarasota libraries to read free eBooks.  Sign in with your normal library ID number and password.

Ask Abby Stokes.   A great, free resource for those who want simple, understandable advice on computers, smart phones and tablets. She spoke at our March 2016 meeting and got super reviews.

Bruce and the Boomers.  This is Bruce's musical group that plays the Baby Boomer songs you love.

Revo Uninstaller  This will fully remove all files on programs you don't want.  The standard Microsoft uninstaller function often leaves many register and other unnecessary files.  Be sure to download the FREE program, NOT the PRO one, on the download page.

Defraggler.   Running this program will speed up your PC by organizing the data disk so files are not scattered.

Michelle Sheppard Fine Art.  One of our members, Michelle Sheppard does beautiful oil paintings. Check out her website to see the amazing landscapes, flowers, and birds.

Send Out Cards This is Bruce's website for creating real paper greeting cards online. You either choose one of 15,000 cards or design one of your own.  When you hit Send, the company prints the card, addresses the envelope, puts a real stamp, and then mails it for you:  All for less than a dollar plus postage!  You can even upload your photos and put them in the card. You can also send a wide range of gifts or gift cards with the card.  Check it out!  This is Android expert Bonnie Hammer's website.  She has presented at our meeting and got rave reviews.  She is available for individual consulting or group classes.  She also teaches adult education classes at the Ringling College of Art and Design.

iTeachTechVenice.  This is Apple expert Gretchen Miscik's website.  She did a great presentation at our November 2015 meeting and is available for individual or group training.

Melaleuca.This is a great source of supplements that actually get absorbed plus numerous green cleaning products that contain NO toxic chemicals. Contact Bruce for more details.